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Thesis Writing Service Give Punctuation Tips: Using Semicolons And Colons In Your Thesis

Thesis Writing Service knows that punctuation gives hard times to many students. Though some of the punctuation marks are not so frequently used as commas, for instance, they still need to be paid proper attention to. In this post our writers would like to tell you about  a couple of main principles of using semicolons and colons in your thesis writing. Thesis Writing Service is sure that if used properly, they can enrich your writing a lot.

Thesis Writing Service Give Tips On Using Semicolons In Your Thesis

Semicolons, according to Thesis Writing Service have two main uses. The first case when a semicolon is needed is when you want to combine two closely related independent clauses into one sentence.

For Example:

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In addition, Thesis Writing Service wants you to know that semicolon is also required when there is a need to separate homogeneous parts of the sentence which are complex and long. If, for instance, those elements already have commas inside them, semicolon will help your reader understand where each element starts and ends.

For Example:

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Thesis Writing Service Tells About The Usage Of Colons In Your Thesis

Colons, according to Thesis Writing Service, mostly needed to urge your reader further. Most often, a word or phrase precedes the colon create a kind of expectation which is then fulfilled with the words which follow the colon.

For example:

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In addition, colons are often used after the generalizing word or phrase before enumeration.

For instance:

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