Thesis Writing Service Gives Punctuation Tips: How To Use Commas In Your Thesis

Punctuation is a very important tool of academic writing in general and thesis writing in particular. Thesis Writing Service is sure that, when it is used skillfully, it enables you to control the meaning and tone of each sentence and phrase you write in your thesis. Our experienced writers have a vast experience in academic writing, so they are aware of all the punctuation rules and want to share their knowledge with you.  The most widely used punctuation mark is, undoubtedly, a comma. Thus, Thesis Writing Service wants to explain the basic rules of its usage to you.

Main Rules Of Commas Usage From Thesis Writing Service

Thesis Writing Service knows, that despite of the fact of being frequently used by all students, commas are very hard to master. Using them is like a bland of science and art : there are some rules, but there are even more exceptions. However, in order to be able to manouevre, according to Thesis Writing Service, you have to know the basic rules and here are some of them:

  • Commas are optional after many introductory phrases. In case the phrase is short, Thesis Writing Service advises you to omit the comma; if it is long, a comma is advisable. However, in case the phrase contains a participle or a clause, a comma is a necessity.
  • You should always use commas when joining independent clauses. Thesis Writing Service reminds that independent clauses are those which contain coordinating conjunction (and, or, nor, but, yet, for, so) However, this rule can be broken in case the clauses are very short.
  • A comma is usually not required for joining mere phrases. Still, Thesis Writing Service underlines that this rule can be broken if the writer wants to emphasize or give an afterthought.
  • According to Thesis Writing Service, a comma is placed between each element  in a list of more than 3 parallel words, clauses or phrases. Still, you may choose not to put it before the last element, especially when a conjunction and is used.
  • Use commas to separate parenthetical words or phrases. Thesis Writing Service reminds you that parenthetical words and phrases are those which are unnecessary for the sentence: the sense will not change if you remove them. Remember also to add commas on the both sides of interrupting elements, such as: appositions, relative clauses . However, you should be attentive with the latter, because relative clauses do not need to be separated with the comma if they are absolutely necessary for the sentence (in case you cannot throw it away, in other words)

Thesis Writing Service Can Provide Editing And Proofreading Help

Thesis Writing Service understands that students can easily get confused with all those rules for using commas. There might be even some critical moments when you will need professional help. In this case it is always better to turn to experienced writers at Thesis Writing Service and ask them edit and proofread your paper. Do so, and you won’t have to worry about the punctuation of your thesis any more!

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