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Thesis Writing Service: How to Present Equations in Your Thesis Writing

Equations presentation

If you are writing a science thesis and it requires you to use equations, there are certain rules that you need to follow. Here are some guidelines that will help you to present your paper in the most appropriate way.


First of all, our Thesis Writing Service experts recommend using MS Word as the primary word processor for your senior thesis. Besides that, make sure that the nomenclature that appears in the body of your paper is exactly the same as the one that is used in the List of Symbols and Abbreviations.

Equation editor

Always use an equation editor that is built into MS-Word. Here are some general rules for writing equations in MS Word. Don’t use the forward slash to indicate division or to put fractions on single lines; for this you should use ‘over-and-under’ style fractions. Don’t use an asterisk or a dot or an “x” to indicate multiplication of variables in an equation. Centre equations and use square brackets around numeric identifiers. Use the SI abbreviation system for your paper to look professional and meet standards for expressing units.


Variables that you define early in your thesis writing should not be redefined over again and their names have to be assigned in such a way that no mathematical ambiguity is introduced. If you want the variable to look more effective, meaningful and easier for readers to remember, use subscripts.

These are just a few basic guidelines and if you want to know more about them, then you need to read the rules for writing equations in theses and other academic papers and one of the most obvious places where you should look for them is your professor’s office.

And, of course, you can turn to our Thesis Writing Service. Be sure our experienced professionals know how to format your thesis!

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