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Thesis Writing Service Process Secrets: Technologies

Ever though of how thesis writing service alike ours works? I will give you such opportunity now, opening some secrets other academic essays writing firms would not discplosure.

So, let’s start with TECHNOLOGIES.

What do you think thesis writing service is, from technology aspect of the question?

From top of my head, any online service means product manager, web designer, web developers, testing engineers, production hostings that back each other up, domestic hosting and infrastructure of the offices where all the people work, domains and certificates management activity, billing processor integration. Now when you have all these, you got to care of thesis writers providing them with internal systems of orders management. Our customer relationships department got to have a CRM system connected to the authorized billing provider (we now use SWREG.ORG, a known vendor of e-commerce and billing solutions). Our customer support team needs phones (pbx) integration to serve all thesis writing customers needs and communicate them with their thesis writers.

For two minutes I spent thinking of what else technologies thesis writing service uses that seems to be enough. I am not even talking about additional anti-fraud modules, special thesis buyers loyalty program module and plagiarism detection tool. We have these all. I am hesitant if other companies do, but at least they probably have good writers. Do they?

I will keep on posting on things we have here at ThesisWritingService.com

Take care!

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