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Thesis Writing Service Sample on Habits That Describe You the Best

Everyone has habits and either good or bad ones, they describe person’s character. I, like everybody else, have habits that tell everything about me. First of all, I would like to mention my eating and sleeping habits. I am exercising every day by making small 10 minute jogs. I eat breakfast every day and try to avoid eating too much after 6 p.m. I try to sleep 8 hours a day, eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water.

Besides that, I try to plan ahead of time, but not a year in advance, because you can’t foresee everything and sometimes circumstances are not allowing you to accomplish something that you have planned, so I plan a week ahead and try to keep up to this schedule. For everything I do, I try to set strict and fair deadlines. If I am reading a book, I set a deadline for it, if I am writing an essay or playing a computer game, I also set a strict deadline for it and try to keep it. Also, I realize how important it is for body and brain to rest, so I made it a rule to rest for one day- Sunday, and during that day I only rest, watch TV, play and socialize with friends, etc.

However, there are two habits that characterize me the most. One of them is persistence and another one is not getting late for anything. When I was little, I started many things, but in the middle of something I was getting bored and didn’t get to the end, so I was developing patience and persistence in myself and now I am accomplishing tasks no matter what…

Thesis Writing Service Provides Example On Admission Essay On Personal Traits that Describe You The Best

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