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Thesis Writing Service Sample on Would You Like to Change the Worst Day in Your Life?

It had started out like one of the usual days in my life, but became to be the worst one. I woke up at 7:00, took a shower, had a breakfast, dressed up and drove to college for another day of classes. I sat on all lectures, had a lunch in a campus cafeteria and drove back home afterwards. Then I changed clothes and decided to watch some TV and that changed my whole life.

When I turned on the TV I didn’t know what I was going to watch, so I just started switching channels back and forth in order to find something interesting and after some time I ran across a news channel with latest breaking news and
caught a few words before switching to another channel “…devastating earthquake in Japan…” I switched to another channel and only then realized that my parents are in Japan right now as they went there a week ago for holidays.

First thought that crossed my mind was to call them and make sure that everything is OK, so I picked up the phone and called them. Artificial female voice said that the person I was trying to reach was not available at the moment and that gave me chills. I tried to call them more than a hundred times, but there was no phone connection available due to earthquake, so I started to think that I
might not be able to see my parents ever again…

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