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Thesis Writing Service Sample on Personal relationship that has the greatest impact on your life.

Relatives, close friends, family members, work colleagues and even strangers on the street might have an impact on our lives through their advices, behavior or actions. Almost every individual can say that a personal relationship has changed his or her life and it is no different with me as there is an individual that has influenced the way I live.

I was just a regular guy studying in high school and who has an older sister. She had a dream to move toCanada, so finally somehow she managed to do that and got her citizenship. I was still studying in high school when she called and asked me if I wanted to move toCanadaand continue schooling there. I agreed and a month later I was knocking on the door of a high school dean in one of the cities inCanadawith the request to get me accepted to that school.

I graduated from a Canadian high school and sent documents to one of the colleges, because I wanted to continue education. My sister promised me that she will take care of my tuition and that I have nothing to worry about. I got accepted to a good college and was studying for 2 months when I got a call saying that I didn’t pay for tuition and that I will be expelled if I won’t pay the next day. I called my sister and found out that she refused to pay my college fees and that she bought me a plane ticket back home…


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