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Thesis Writing Service Sample on The Best Day in Your Life

When different people are being approached with a question like “what is the best day of your life?” all of them provide different answers. For some individuals purchase of their own house is the best day in life, for others it is the purchase of a brand new car or a pet. Another group of people consider birth of their kids to be the best day in life while others think that school or college graduation day is their best day.

I also have a best day in life and it started just like some ordinary day, but became to be one of the most memorable ones and the ones I like the most. I never seen the ocean and since early childhood I was dreaming to visit it and swim in it, but years flew by and I never got a chance to go to the sea or the ocean as new and new issues aroused.

I finished high school and found myself a job. I was working for about 6 months until the day our boss decided to make a draw for all employees with the main prize being a trip to a sea resort for a week. Guess what, I won that trip and today I am going to the sea…”

Thesis Writing Service Provides Advice On Writing An Admission Essay On The Best Day In Your Life

Thesis Writing Service thinks that the above passage can serve as a good introduction to an admission essay; however, if you want to make it even better, make sure to come up with an idea that has some controversy like life and death situation, some invention or a positive adventure and so on. Also, make sure that you provide some real life facts in your essay, but don’t make it unbelievably perfect as readers might not trust you. Topics like this are not too complicated for most people, but you have to make a big effort to make your paper the most close to the perfect admission essay. If you work hard enough it will obviously work out.

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