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Thesis Writing Service Sample on: What Is Freedom?

Basically, freedom is the ability to do anything you want, but do people have absolute freedom? I think that there is no single person in the world that has absolute freedom and who can do anything he or she wants regardless of his or her financial situation and role in the society. There are boundaries for freedom and while some individuals can allow to have more freedom, others can’t afford many things.

As it was mentioned earlier, freedom is the ability to do whatever you want. For example, some people can book a trip to some island and rest there, others can buy the most expensive car in the world, etc., but does this make them happy? In majority of cases people who think that they have more freedom than others are mistaken and hide behind the illusion that they are happier than others. Common sense dictates us to go to work and make money, so we intentionally limit our freedom and if this is the case, then do we really need it? We depend from many people and things. For example, you think that you have more freedom, but when you drive a car, you need to fill it with gas, so you depend from gas station. You need to eat, so you depend from grocery store and restaurant, you need water and electricity, so you depend from water stations and power plants…

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As you can see, freedom is a great topic for an academic paper, according to Thesis Writing Service. At the same time, it is a very controversial topic, so be very careful and attentive when arguing for or against the importance and meaning of freedom. Always supply sufficient evidence and check punctuation and grammar, and you will do awesome.

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