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Thesis Writing Service Sample on Your Greatest Fear

It is hard, or even impossible, to find an individual that wouldn’t have any fears. Some people are afraid of spiders; others fear snakes or height, etc. As for me, I have a fear too and maybe even more than one. For one thing, I am afraid of being lonely. It is not that I am a social freak and need to be in a company of people 24/7. I have only a few friends, but they all are trustworthy and can be trusted, and I need them to be able to talk to them and have them support me if necessary.

Another fear that I have is losing my family. I love my mom and dad, I love my sisters and really fear that one day something bad might happen to them and I will not be able to help them. I know that it sounds quite strange, but there is always a possibility of something going wrong and if you are far away, there is nothing you can do to help your family members.

There is one more thing that I am afraid of and that is to become a loser. I have seen many individuals make a fortune overnight or find a great job without sweating about. Also, I have seen many people lose everything overnight or in a blink of an eye and I fear that some day I will become one of them and that I will not be able to find a good job, that I will not be able to buy a nice house and fancy car, that I will not find the right person to spend my life with and that I will not be able to have kids…

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Thesis Writing Service thinks that the above passage can service as a good example of an admission essay on “Your Greatest Fear.” It is not perfect, because there is no uniform idea and no single focus with thoughts just running on about different things that author fears the most, but it can give you an idea what you should write about in such essay. If you want to make your admission essay on such topic, then you should brainstorm the topic first, figure out what your biggest fear is, jot down ideas that support the main thought and only then put them on paper. Our tips can help you in the process of writing an admission essay,

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