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Thesis Writing Service Tells about Thesis Grading

Thesis Writing Service General Information On Thesis Grading

If you think that there is nothing to thesis grading then think again because defense committee has to evaluate every student in many different ways and provide a final mark on a thesis paper. It is a serious responsibility as student’s future career is in the hands of this committee, thus it has to evaluate everything and provide their opinion on the work that a certain individual completed. Thesis Writing Service knows about thesis grading and would like to share this information with you.

Thesis Writing Service Grading Insight

Thesis Writing Service knows that defense committee members assess how well the student met the general requirements; whether he or she used appropriate presentation software; whether he or she has met the basic requirements for the presentation; whether he or she has conducted a thorough research and received reliable results or not, is the research well-designed and executed, etc. After general assessment committee members assign a percentage to the whole work. “Excellent” is when a student receives between 90 and 100 percent which is considered that student has completed a superior paper. “Good” is between 80 and 89 percent which indicates that the student more than met the minimal standards for thesis writing. “Adequate” is between 70 and 79 percent which indicates that the student met the minimum standards and there are no serous problems in his or her thesis paper. “Minimum” is between 60 and 69 percent which means that a student has barely passed the defense and that there are serious flaws in his or her thesis paper. The last one is “fatal” a grade below 60 percent which means that there were fatal flaws in a paper.

Besides grading the thesis paper itself, Thesis Writing Service knows that defense committee also grades student’s defense and sums up these marks. Typically research and revisions account for 50%, answering questions account for 30% and presentation for 20 %.


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