Thesis Writing Service Tips on Dashes and Hyphens Usage

Thesis Writing Service Helps to Deal with Punctuation Rules

It is not surprising that in order not to lose points for grammar and punctuation you will have to get it right with dashes and hyphens in your thesis writing. At first glance it looks quite obvious, but when you come to think about it, using the right punctuation mark requires some knowledge and writing skills, so here are a few Thesis Writing Service tips that will help you to deal with hyphens and dashes.

Thesis Writing Service Explanation on “En” Dash Usage

Dashes are used whenever you write a sentence that requires a break in thought and if there is such, you may use double hyphens or two dashes. However, this isn’t always correct, because the proper length of the dash dependents upon the punctuation needed in the sentence. There are a few different types of dashes – the “En” dash, the “Em” dash and the “3-M” dash. Originally the “En” dash was the width of the letter “N” on a typeset, and the width of the “Em” dash was the width of “M”. So this is how they got their names. “En” dashes (-) are used to show duration when writing time 10:00-3:00, or range such a date May 6-25 or numbers 100-150. The “En” dash can also be used as a hyphen in compound adjectives in which one part consists of two words: post-World War II era. One more thing Thesis Writing Service advises to keep in mind about “En” dashes is that they do not have spaces in front or behind them.

Thesis Writing Service Explanation on “Em”, “3M” Dash and Hyphens Usage

“Em” dashes (-) are used in place of a colon or parenthesis to show an abrupt change in thought or to separate clauses in a thesis writing sentence as well as to show an open range: Jared Koleman, 1951-. Hyphens are used to connect two words and to separate characters in a phone number (1-866-511-16-77 ). The “3-M” dash uses six hyphens before and after a word ( —— and —— ) when a person’s name or some other word(s) is being omitted.

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