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Thesis Writing Service Tips on the Expressing of Numbers

While essay writing you will probably need to provide your reader with numbers which describe some statistical or financial data. Therefore you should know when it is better to express numbers as numerals (1, 2, 3, …), and when words (one, two, three,…) are more suitable.

The right presentation of numerical information makes you work clear and understandable. Our Thesis Writing Service experts advise you to avoid of overloading of your work with numerals, and, in contrast, not to hide important figures within the text.

Use the following rules to make your thesis more readable:

  • Do not use numerals in a succession.
    He brought a bag of two hundred 10 cent coins.
    Five two-atom molecules have been synthesized.
  • Use numerals for page numbers, figures, dates and addresses.
    President Nixon left the White House in 1974.
  • Use words at the beginning of a sentence.
    The speaker presented the 7 environmental principles.
  • Do not use numerals to describe approximation.
    It takes approximately three hours to drive to Washington.
  • Words tend to be preferred to numerals for number below ten.

Thesis Writing Service professionals hope these tips will be helpful to you. But if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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