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David, MN


Thesis Writing Talks On Facebook

Just a brief overview of what’s there…

I have been surfing through Facebook now. What a wonderful day for everyone I thought before I read this:

Samvel PPL.. Friends, ladies and gentlemen.. Pls take a little time to fill out this survey, it’s highly needed. Thanks a lot in advance…!!!!

I need it for my Thesis, erexeq!!!!! please lracreq!
Please take the survey titled “The consumers’ attitude toward the local clothing brand”. Your feedback is important!


Soren damn all the false anti-thesis in hell!!!!


Olama i really need to finish our thesis. tsk! T.T


Joon Lee done with essay. Don Quixote can go die now

and yes,

Dan making my essay in chemistry. Grr.


Jesse Holy shit. I’m the only one awake and i’m sitting downstairs doing my english essay and some random cat walks in. cam in through my dog door. soooo scary!


Tre works best at ridiculous hours–even though he still checks facebook every two minutes, nothing new happens to distract him. Chuggin’ along on a late essay, yo.


RuatpuiaOnce i was ask 2 write an essay on how 2 ride a horse(1000 words) minimum,it goes like dis:”Slowly climb on to the horse an da rest patek patek patek………..hiha”.

And also

Ellen afta workg dayz n 9t,i guess dis is enaf 4 my essay. yaah its enaf.hop h wont gv m anotha zero.kaya.zero is also a mark!


Megan is writing an essay on how to write a good essay…. 😐

but what if

Josh Finally done with my essay. My bed looks soooooo good right now.

and finalizing, here comes

Breanna Working on essay… why cant I be at home sleeping in my warm bed?!?!

That’s it. This is just few minutes of worl’d life. The world is not writing thesis and theses, doing essays and researches.

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