Choosing a Topic for your MBA Thesis

Choosing an MBA thesis topic can be a major dilemma for students. Those who have been keen enough to think of possible researchable areas since the start of business school will have no struggle in deciding. Deciding on the topic for an MBA thesis may not be as difficult as writing the thesis but it is a very crucial step that requires good judgment.  Here are some things to consider before deciding on the final MBA thesis topic.

  • Choose an interesting topic. This is one of the most common advices you’ll hear when choosing a topic for a thesis but it makes a lot of sense. Interest in a topic is what drives researchers to do a particular study and motivates him to follow it through until he finds answers.
  • The topic must be unique and original. The whole purpose of doing a MBA thesis is to present a new concept or belief about a particular topic. Thus, the topic should be unique and not investigated extensively to justify doing further research on the subject. A never been done research is of great value because it could be significant enough to cause change or contribute greatly to the present knowledge on the topic.

Choose a topic that you are good at. This will make the thesis easier for you because you are working with something that you know you can excel at. By working with your strengths the whole research process is faster and more familiar;
integrating ideas in the thesis won’t be too hard because you already have a good grasp of the topic.
Ask the help of your thesis adviser or mentor. Seek suggestions from people who are updated with current trends in business research such as your mentor or a thesis adviser. They can give helpful recommendations on possible MBA thesis topics.
In the end you are the only person who can decide on which topic you feel strongly about. Be realistic. Choose the topic that is at par with your skills, resources and time. Don’t spend too much time choosing a topic, make a smart decision and proceed to the next step.

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