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MBA Thesis Writing

The MBA thesis is a major requirement in any MBA program. Writing a good thesis that is worthy of the research committee’s approval can be tricky even for the brightest of grad school students. An MBA thesis should present and defend an original or novel belief about a significant topic in the field of business.

Students need to put a lot of hard work and majority of their time if they want to complete their MBA thesis. The writing process can be challenging but here are some tips to guide MBA students in writing a good thesis.

  • Choose a topic according to your interest – it is important that students pick a topic that fascinates them. Interest in a topic can sustain their motivation to finish the thesis because of their personal desire and fascination in the outcome of the research. A good MBA thesis writer also makes sure that his MBA topic can be supported by plenty of published literature and materials.
  • Do extensive and thorough research – a thesis that is supported by valid and relevant literature adds strength to the assertion or argument presented in the thesis statement. It gives weight to the rationale of the paper and justifies why the research is worth doing.
  • Present ideas clearly – an MBA thesis must effectively convey the idea it is presenting in a logical, structured and rational way. Thesis writers can never go wrong when everything is presented with clarity and supported by strong arguments.
  • Review and revise thoroughly – proficient thesis writers know that an excellent final thesis can only be achieved with repeated reviewing and revision all throughout the writing process. It is also imperative to ask a mentor or adviser to proofread the thesis during the final stages of editing.
  • Use your own words and ideas – a thesis should be original and should never be a replica of a previously written paper. The content of the paper should be written from scratch and no part should be a “cut and paste” from any existing literature. Plagiarism is a ground for expulsion and can cost any graduate school student their MBA degree.

An MBA thesis demands dedication and time from the author. Writing a good MBA thesis is not a rocket science but it presents a complex challenge that any student can overcome if he/she puts his/her mind to it. 

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