Thesis Writing Standards in Different Countries

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That’s why writers from our thesis writing service know all the peculiarities of thesis writing rules and formats in other countries of the world.

For example, in the UK universities the term thesis is usually referred to works students write to get their PhD, EngD (Engineering Doctorate) and research Master’s degrees. The term dissertation, however, is usually associated with papers students submit as part of their taught Master’s degree or undergraduate degree, like BA, BSc, BMUS, BEng, etc.  The amount of words required for different theses is different. For example, a thesis in humanities and social sciences is to be up to 100.000 words. And a thesis written in the sciences has to be about half that length. The length of an undergraduate or master’s dissertation is between 8.000 and 25.000 words.

In other European countries the standards are a bit different. For example, in Slovenia a thesis is widely known as diploma and it is required for completing undergraduate studies. Nowadays the average length of a thesis written in Slovenia is about 25-30 pages. To get a Master’s degree, a student has to write Master’s thesis (or magistrsko delo in Slovenian). It is usually longer and more detailed than the undergraduate one. If a candidate wants to get a PhD he/she is to submit a doctoral dissertation. The length of it is even more than that of a Master’s dissertation.

At English-speaking Canadian universities a student who wants to get an undergraduate degree is to submit writing tasks known as papers, essays or term paper. A thesis or a dissertation is usually written by candidates who want to get a doctoral degree. Students who aim to get Master’s degree have to write so-called major papers, which are usually called theses. A common undergraduate thesis is to be about 40 pages, while a doctoral dissertation has to be approximately 100 pages long. However, different disciplines may have different requirements.

Above are the examples of thesis writing requirements existing in different countries. It goes without saying that our thesis writing service can help students not only from those countries. Our thesis writing service is designed to help any student who needs help. Whatever your thesis writing requirements are, address to our thesis writing service.

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