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Think Twice before Downloading Your Essay!

Internet has become an integral part of our lives. It offers us lots of materials for entertaining, work and studies. And the last issue is especially important for those students who want to make their lives easier. If you don’t want to strain yourself you can order any can of writing services online. You can be sure that your paper will be custom written and of high quality. But if you want to save, you can download one of the essays or any other works available on the net. At the first sight it seems to be a great idea, but let’s have a closer look at all the pros and cons!


To my mind, downloadable papers can satisfy almost every client. If you search carefully, you can find an essay in any topic you want, even the narrowest one. Second, you won’t have to pay for such kind of essay, as most of them are free of charge. Their quality may also seem to be quite good, as a rule they contain no mistakes and have wonderful academic language. And the last thing, you can save lots of time if you download a paper. If you spend about an hour to write an essay, downloading it will take less than a minute.

But there are lots of negative sides:


Despite all those attractive features downloading academic papers is not that wonderful idea. It’s kind of risky. Your teacher may be aware of your writing style. And is s/he will see something completely different that may bring you some problems. Another disadvantage is plagiarism. If you download something it will surely not be unique. Sometimes it may even happen so that one and the same paper will be submitted by some different students! Once again, your mark will be poor!

Next time you will decide to make your life easier, think of these disadvantages! If you want something to be done well, do it yourself! If you can’t you should order services from a professional writing agency! Don’t try to save on your grades!

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