Tips for Successful Thesis Bibliography Writing

It isn’t high time to relax even if you’ve written all the chapters of your thesis. You still have to write the bibliography, or reference materials. Citing the materials will prove that you have mastered the sources and acquired all the details from them. Besides, quoting the references will eliminate all the threats of plagiarism that may arise in future. You will show that you recognize and appreciate previous scholars’ works. So, once the main part of thesis writing is over, start writing the thesis bibliography.

First of all, let’s think what thesis bibliography actually is. This is a certain part of your thesis that will contain a list of quotes from other works that you used in your thesis writing. Writing a thesis requires conducting a research. But does it mean that you have to conduct your own experiments? No, it, actually, doesn’t! You can rely on the already existing materials. Therefore, a thesis bibliography page is essential in making the entire research article more credible.

There are some technical instructions you should remember. You have certainly followed some requirements during your thesis writing. The same is with bibliography! Let’s start with the entries. Each entry in the bibliography of your thesis represents a certain work you’ve used for the research. You should mention all the details, like the author’s name, the year of the publication, the title of the work, the publishing company, city and the number of pages. Moreover, the entire page should contain a list of entries that are alphabetical.

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