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Tips from Thesis Writing Service: Referencing Internet and Electronic Sources

CD -and DVD ROMS, the Internet, Electronic Journals and Databases

In age of computers and the Internet it is weird not to use them in your thesis writing. However, there are certain citing requirements that you should follow while referencing internet sources if you don’t want to lose points for it. There are conventions for citing material from the Internet, CD-and DVD ROMS, electronic journals and databases and following them, you will do well on your paper.

Thesis Writing Service Experts’ Advice on Electronic Documents References

Our Thesis Writing Service experts emphasize that electronic documents references have to contain information for the particular document version that has been used such as the name of the author or editor, the title of the page, the title of the site, the date the page was last updated, the name of database and type of medium as well as the date you accessed the page. Besides that, you also have to provide the full internet address (URL) of the page or the distributor for CD and DVD-ROMS and network databases.

Diferent Formatting Stylesf

If any part of the above mentioned information about an internet source is not available, you should make a note stating ‘publisher not known’ or ‘publication date unknown’, etc, in your thesis paper. Thesis Writing Service writers advise you to keep in mind that different formatting styles also have their peculiarities as to referencing electronic sources, so find out what information needs to be provided so that the source will be considered to be cited properly.

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