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Are you hesitating about contracted forms, abbreviation and acronyms usage? Thesis Writing Service will help you to make a choice!


Let’s start with abbreviations. There are a number of abbreviations which originate from Latin or Greek. Actually, it is a good idea to use them only if you do it when and where it is needed and commonly used. Otherwise, it is better to avoid them. You can substitute abbreviations for their English equivalents:

“etc. (et cetera)” – “and so on”, “and so forth”;

“i.e. (id est)” – “that is”;

“ca. (circa)” – “approximately”, “about”.

If you have decided to use abbreviations, separate them with a comma and type in lower case.


Try to minimize the use of acronyms, which may confuse readers. Because they will need to keep acronyms in mind, and for some people it is not so easy to do. That’s why it is better to make a list of these specific words on a separate page in your essays.
When you use them for the first time, spell out the acronyms. And add “s” to form the plural of these words.


Contractions are contracted forms of words with missing letters, usually used with apostrophe. For example, “isn’t” and “I’ll”. You should avoid these words in your term paper, because they are a mark of informal writing. But contractions are broadly used in business writing. Be attentive, use common contractions only and do not try to invent it on your own. Do not use contracted form of “is” with nouns: the window’s replaced and do not make contraction from a noun and a verb.

We hope after reading this advice you will make a right choice. But if you still are doubting, Thesis Writing Service is able to deal with your issues!

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