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Traveling back in time. What epoch would you choose and why?

Our planet has been created a very long time ago, according to recent theories, approximately 4.6 billion years ago. Since that time many things occurred on the Earth, many species appeared and disappeared, some evolved giving a birth to new and more advanced species. At the same time, Earth’s climate was changing as well as its atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere which in turn caused drastic changes in overall environment.

Scientists divide Earth’s history into several time periods which in turn are divided into epochs. This is done according to some significant changes that occurred during our planet’s evolution like appearance of the simplest life forms in Cambrian period; appearance, life and death of dinosaurs in Jurassic period or appearance of human beings in Pleistocene epoch. Without a doubt, it is impossible to describe all Earth history in one paper, thus I would like to choose only Pleistocene.

Pleistocene Epoch had started approximately 2.8-1.8 million years ago and lasted up until 11.000 years ago. This epoch of Earth’s history is known as “The Ice Age,” because during this time climate has changed four times which led to the glaciers expanding and retracting from the poles all the way up to temperate climatic zones each time leading to appearance and disappearance of certain species and shaping up the continents and soils. However, the most important event that happened during that time is appearance of human beings.

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