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Ivy League Universities

Ivy League is a conference consisting of eight private institutions of higher education. All of them are situated in the Northeastern United States. These eight institutions are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. This term first appeared in 1954 when much of the nation polarized around favorite college teams and at first was mostly associated with athletics. The use of the term “Ivy League” is no longer limited to athletics, and now represents an educational philosophy inherent to the nation’s oldest schools. Ivy Schools are often considered to be the most prestigious universities and are often ranked as the best ones in the USA and even worldwide.

The total number of undergraduate enrollments of the Ivy schools range from 4000 to 14000 students making them larger than a typical private liberal arts college. The Ivy League universities are also called the “Ancient Eight” or simply “The Ivies”. The phrase “Ivy League” is associated with not only academic excellence, but also with social elitism. Once you become a part of it, a certain social status is imposed on you.

Ivy League schools are well-known not only for their high level of education, but also for great achievements in sports. On average, each Ivy school has more than 35 varsity teams. All eight are in the top 20 for number of sports offered for both men and women among Division I schools. The Ivy League is home to some of the oldest college rugby teams. These teams meet annually to compete in a tourney. The 2006 Ivy League Tournament was hosted by Yale, and the 2005 tournament was hosted by Penn. Though the women’s rugby teams at the Ivy League schools are much younger, they too compete in an annual Ivy League Tournament, often hosted by Brown.

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