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Ivy League Law School

The Ivy League law schools outline five universities that host a law school.

They are Harvard, Yale, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University.

The oldest of those five is Harvard Law School (also known as HLS). It was established in 1817 and is considered to be one of the most prestigious institutions of legal education in the entire world. Harvard Law School produced a huge number of outstanding lawyers and politicians, including the current President of the USA, Barack Obama. HLS provides a great number of programs for the students, like Child Advocacy Program, East Asian Legal Studies, Human rights, Empirical Legal Studies and many-many others.

Yale Law School or YLS was established in 1824. In 2010 it was ranked number one in the ranking of the best law schools. It is widely known for its quality of education. And you can see: Presidents Gerald Ford and Bill Clinton received their law degrees at YLS! With almost 200 courses taught you can choose any law program appealing to you! Yale Law School enrolls about 200 new students a year, one of the smallest numbers among U.S. law schools. Its small class size and prestige combine to make its admissions process one of the most competitive in the United States. Do your best to study there!

Columbia Law School was founded in 1858 and today it is considered to be one of the oldest and most prestigious law schools in the United States. Since it is a member of the Ivy League the quality of the education is absolutely doubtless. If you want, you can get a joint degree at Columbia law school, if it is beneficial for your career objectives. Columbia offers you a Graduate Legal Studies program, including the Master of Laws and Doctor of Judicial Sciences degrees. Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt both were the alumni of CLS, so try to imagine their standards of education!

The University of Pennsylvania Law School offers you the degrees of Juries Doctor, Master of Law and Doctor of the Science of Law. At Penn Law you can study great variety of programs, like Administrative Law, Accounting, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, banking regulation, etc. Besides, you can take a cross-disciplinary program allowing students to be better prepared for modern challenges!

Cornell Law School is another school of the Ivy League. It was established in 1887 and carried through years high standards of education. The CLS offers you a diverse and research-rich program of studies. They produce well-qualified lawyers able to solve any problem. Cornell offers you the best teaching staff who will obviously share their profound knowledge with you!

The peculiarities of the admission process differ at every school, but general requirements are as follows. You will have to take the Law School Admission Test, submit all the undergraduate and/or graduate transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements and resumes. Some schools also require an admission essay. The process is difficult, but you must be ready for it because Ivy League Law Schools are the best in the world!

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