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Study at Berkley

The University of California, Berkley, is located in the picturesque San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 1868, it is now considered to be one of the leading US universities. Berkley is one of the founders of the Association of American Universities. It offers around 300 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in a wide range of disciplines. It is a great honor to be one of its students. Here you will acquire knowledge opening huge prospective for your future.

There are many colleges and schools available at Berkley, so whatever your interests are, they have something to offer you. For example, you can choose among college of chemistry, engineering, environmental design, letters and science, natural resources and education. If this is not what you would like to study, there are schools dealing with other disciplines. You can study business, public policy, information, law, optometry, public health and social welfare. This is a very long list and can satisfy even the most sophisticated applicants!

So, if you know what you want to study and think that Berkley is the right choice for you, you should try to apply. Your talents and experiences will definitely be appreciated here. There is a special application process for every college and that’s why check the one that interests you on the official website of the University. You will have to submit all the standard documents like an application form, secondary transcript of grades, etc. If you have profound knowledge in the chosen area the admission will not make a problem for you. However, there is one thing that may be not quite easy. This is the application essay which is required to enter any program. They are usually written to help the admissions committee understand you better. Besides, sometimes they determine if you will enter Berkley or not. The topics usually do not vary greatly. In most cases you will have to write why you have decided to enter this college, how the studies will be beneficial for your future life and how they will help you reach your goals. To be more precise, your task may be to tell about your family, school or local community, how your surroundings shaped your dreams and aspirations. Another possible question is about a certain accomplishment or experience that is important for you. Here you will have to tell why it makes you proud and how it influenced your character.

If you are going to enter the School of Business, you will be probably asked to write in 500 words about a particular situation in which you displayed leadership. The other topic of a required essay is to tell about you career goals. Here you should tell how your studies will help you achieve them. As the second topic is a more profound one you can write up to 1000 words on it.

If you have successfully passed the admission process, you will be really lucky. That will give you the chance to study at a really prestigious University with the best teaching personnel. However this is not going to be easy. Any program you will choose requires studying lots of disciplines.

It goes without saying that to study successfully at Berkley you will really have to do your best. During the academic years you will write dozens of works like course papers, research papers, essays, reviews, etc. If you want to be sure in the success, try working with Thesiswritingservice.com! Our academic writing service can help you at any stage of studies. We will guarantee your admission with an outstanding essay. Besides, feel free to address us with any other kind of writing you may need. Thesiswritingservice.com provides custom written works at prices affordable for an average student. Good look with Berkley studies! In case you have any problems you know whom to address to!

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