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Study at Yale University

You must have heard about the Ivy League, a union of the best US universities. Probably, everyone wants to study there and get the highest level of education possible. Yale University may be the most famous one among them. Yale University was established in 1701 and today it is the third oldest university in the USA. Just imagine 5 US Presidents have graduated Yale! This should persuade you that the level of education given at Yale is one of the highest in the world.

Yale University offers a very wide range of programs which will suit every applicant. Here you can go to the Yale College for undergraduate degrees, to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences where you can get the Doctoral or Master’s degree or to one of the professional schools. At Yale University you will take at least 3 courses to get a degree. In total there are about 2000 courses each year! This great amount will let every student choose something that interests exactly him or her. Among the courses you may take there are Film Studies, Philosophy, German Studies, Art, Architecture, Theatre Studies, Literature, Psychology, etc. The full list may be found on the official website of the University.

The total number of professional schools that can be taken is Yale is 13. For example if you decide to enroll to one of them you can take the School of Architecture, of Medicine, of Sacred Music, of Nursing, of Management, Law school, or any other one.

The admission process to Yale University is very hard, however. You should know that only 7.5% of applicants are admitted to Yale. You will have to show all your strong sides if you want to be among those lucky students. They are looking for the brightest students. To start the admissions process you will have to fill in the application form and supplement, to submit 2 letters of recommendation from your teachers, to present your school report, mid-year report and test results. Apart from all the standard documents you will have to submit an essay and a personal statement.

For example, if you want to get MBA at Yale the topics for admission essays will be as follows. You will be asked to tell about your professional goals; about your long-term career expectations, why have you decided to get the MBA and what attracts you at Yale School of Management and Business. Your answer should be not more than 150 words per each question.

You will have 5 topics for your Personal Statement writing. Your task will be to write maximum 500 words for each of them. Here are the five topics offered to your consideration for personal Statement writing. The first one is to tell about an achievement you are proud of. The second topic asks you to tell about a certain weakness you perceive in yourself. The third one is to describe some achievement that will illustrate your leadership style. Under the fourth topic you will have to tell about a situation when you managed to bring together some individuals with different life positions. And the last one is designed for reapplicants. Here you are asked to tell about the steps you’ve taken to become a better candidate for studies at Yale.

And this is only the beginning of your studies. We want to remind you that only 7.5% of applicants are accepted to Yale University. And during the studies you will be told to write term papers, thesis, research papers, essays, etc. They all will have to be of the highest quality.

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