Useful tips on passing multiple choice tests!

There are hundreds of ways to test your knowledge. And you must have noticed that! All those term papers, essays, research projects… They all have to show how profound your knowledge is. Some of the tasks may seem quite easy and even enjoyable to some extent. If you like writing, for example, essays are right up your street! Great opportunity to share your ideas with the world! But for some people that’s a disaster. The same with multiple choice tests. For many people they are truly terrifying! Those four possible answers can all be the correct ones. All of them look pretty much the same and can be applied to the question. Besides, your time is limited and you think that you’ll never make it ‘till the end! Familiar situation? If so, let’s see how you can make it less stressful!

Answer easy questions first!

Imagine, you’ve got your test sheet you see the first question and think “My God! What the hell do they want from me?! ” You are getting nervous trying to recollect something that will help you answer, you lose a lot of time and get some poor mark in the end. When you’re passing a multiple choice test the answer should be absolutely clear for you. And if it is not, just skip the difficult question and DON’T try to beat your brains out! Starting with easy questions will give you some confidence in your knowledge. Thus you will have more chances to answer the difficult ones correctly.

Read the question first, not the choices!

Read each of the questions very carefully. Before choosing the correct answer of those offered, try to answer the question yourself. And only after you’ve done it look through the given variants. Reading the possible versions before you make up your own answer is sometimes fatal. Knowing the possible answers can cloud your thinking and you may come to the wrong conclusion.

Be confident in yourself!

Imagine: you read a question and you think that the answer is clear to you. You tick it as the correct one and move to the next point. BUT! In a couple of minutes you start hesitating. Like “Oh no, that can’t be that easy! I have to think over it again!” you return to the question and correct your answer. I guess this situation is familiar to the majority of test-takers. Then you get the test paper back and see that the first variant was the correct one. Never make any corrections in your answers unless you are1 100% sure that the chosen one is incorrect. Trust your instincts and intuition!

Answer all the questions!

You will have limited time for your test, so if the time is running out, make sure that you’ve answered all the questions. In case you’ve skipped some difficult ones, don’t forget to return to them! Not answering a question will give you 0 points and the final result won’t be perfect. If you don’t know the answer, try to guess it! In this case, you will have 25% of success! And if you leave an item without any answer, 0% chances!

Well, as you see the multiple choice tests can be not frustrating at all. In some way they are easier and more student-friendly than all the other tests! Next time you face try to follow these simple tips and get the best results possible!

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