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Using Topic Sentences In Your Academic Papers

Thesis Writing Service Defines What A Topic Sentence Is

A topic sentence, according to Thesis Writing Service, is a sentence which carries the main idea of a paragraph. It is a so-called mini thesis statement which contains the gist of a certain part of your thesis. Topic sentences are needed to make your academic papers more coherent easy to follow for your reader. Thesis Writing Service thinks that is very important to use topic sentences in your theses, dissertations, research papers, essays and other academic papers in order to get top marks and wants to give you some tips.

Tips On Using Topic Sentences From Thesis Writing Service

First of all, dissertations wants to tell you a little about where to put topic sentences. Usually, topic sentences appear at the beginning of the paragraphs, however, it is also acceptable to put them in the middle, having a couple of transitional sentences before. Still, our writers from Thesis Writing Service agree that the initial position is more logical for a topic sentence, and it makes your paper more powerful, but, again, everything depends on the purpose of a certain paragraph of your academic paper. In addition, you may sometimes even put a topic sentence in the end of the paragraph in order to make the statement more emphasized.

Thesis Writing Service Tells How To Create a Topic sentence

Topic sentence needs to show how this paragraph contributes to the central thesis statement of your essay, or, to a certain part of your thesis, for instance. Therefore, according to Thesis Writing Service, before creating a topic sentence ask yourself why is this paragraph valuable? What idea should it introduce? Then try to find the best way to summarize your thoughts in one sentence and – voila! – you have a great topic sentence. However, Thesis Writing Service wants to add that not each and every paragraph of your essay or thesis needs a topic sentence, but most do. You may omit it if the paragraph aims at explaining the previous topic sentence or, for instance, when the evidences speak for themselves.

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