"You’ve helped me to write that horrible thesis! Without you it would be impossible! However, I noticed some small drawbacks, but in general I’m satisfied and grateful to you!"

Douglas, LA


Write a successful scholarship essay! You will stand out!

Now this is the really hot period of your life! You are entering a university. Well, I congratulate you on it! But here raises the question: what about the scholarship? You may really need one and to apply for it you will have to submit a scholarship essay. You must have written dozens of essays but this one is completely different. Your task is to persuade the committee that you are the special one who really deserves it! First of all before you start writing it, take into the account all the requirements. It is impossible to structure them, as they differ in each university and college. That is why read carefully what is expected from you. But I’d like to give several pieces of advice that will make the writing easier.

Make it clear that you are unique and individual. Enthusiasm, initiative and leadership are the traits of character valued by any committee. Once again, be persuasive. If you have ever overcome serious troubles in your life you can mention it here. The ability to overcome disasters is very often what they are looking for. Besides that will be the testimony that you really need a scholarship.

Remember that all the competitors will have strong points in their essays. So it is often not enough to show that you have participated in volunteer organizations or any community services. It would be wise to mention that you have organized several of those activities. Thus you will give persuasive arguments. List several examples that will make your scholarship essay special!

It goes without saying that your paper must be error-free. Proofread it several times before submitting. A good point here is to read it aloud. That will help you to notice errors. Avoid slang at all costs! This is completely unacceptable by the readers. It would be wise to ask someone’s opinion about your scholarship essay. Constructive criticism is very useful!

Getting a scholarship means thousands of dollars for your studies. Make it impressive. You are sure that you stand out from the crowd. Make your essay be the same! You can definitely do it! Good luck!