Writing a Recommendation Letter for Thesis

What a Recommendation Letter for Thesis Is?

A recommendation letter for thesis is a laconic reference of a professor or scientific adviser to a definite thesis. That is why only people with academic degree are asked to write letters of recommendation. The main goal of this paper is to stress the strengths and point the weaknesses of a student’s thesis. Your task is to support the undergraduate as a mentor. That is why each word of the recommendation letter for thesis should be carefully balanced and well thought-out.

Beginning to Write a Recommendation Letter

Before you start to write a recommendation letter for thesis, be sure that you are well informed of the undergraduate student and his thesis. Do not include unreliable facts into your letter of recommendation. Carefully read the thesis and address the author for explanation if needed. Make references of the work and outline a short draft for your future testimonial. You may as well discuss the draft with the student, so it would not be a surprise for him. Your task is to give reference of a thesis, but not punish its author.

Choosing a Writing Style

After you had collected all the necessary information about the thesis and the student, you are to choose an appropriate style for writing. Try to be honest and objective, avoid expressing too much personal attitude towards the candidate – being a good person not always mean being a capable researcher.

What is more, try to be as laconic as possible. Manage to present all the necessary information at one leaf of a paper.

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