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A Sample Essay On The Topic

Your Attitude To Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency reminds the society of its current situation. Long ago, crimes were mostly committed by adults. They were often charged and convicted of murder, theft, adultery, and other crimes. These days, even those under 12, commit crimes which do not only involve slight offenses, but also include murder, rape, and other heinous crimes.

Problems on juvenile delinquency reflect social problems. In the Philippines where majority of the people is poor, children born in families of the lower class seem to suffer from their condition. Children are exposed to the hardship of living as seen in the streets. Most of them beg for food and money. They are exposed to different criminal elements in the streets instead of going to school for their future.

The future of these children is blurry. Future seems to be next to impossible because there is no future at all in the streets. Juvenile delinquency roots from this exposure to harmful society’s elements found in streets.

Streets are now the playground for these children. They play with their fellow beggars in the streets. As they grow up, they want more than a good play. They play with life and death because during their teenage years, they begin to look for more than their playmates in the streets, but for what they need to survive.

This essay topic wants to imply that as children becomes more exposed to street violence; they begin to think that their lives would be in this situation forever because instead of going to school what they look for is their way to survive.

In this essay topic, children and street violence is a commonplace for the society where mistakes are easily committed by non-adults in their quest to find their means to survive. Children in this situation becomes more vulnerable and more prone to committing crimes like pick-pocketing, snatching, and other street crimes to get their means to survive for the day.

As conclusion of this essay it should be said that juvenile delinquency is a never-ending problem. If adults were the only ones who commit crimes long ago, now, even kids do. This is a social disease that has to be attended to. Authorities’ sincere quest for peace and order can only be met if they also help street children get their proper education and keep them out of streets.

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