Sample Essay On Mobile phones prohibition during classes. Right or wrong?

Mobile phones are necessity but not during classes. It is a distraction that can cause students to lose concentration in their classes. In this Thesis Writing Service topic, I would like to voice out why using mobile phones during classes in wrong.

It is not right to use mobile phones during classes because it is disrespect to teachers. Who would want to discuss a lesson with some students busy with their mobile phones? It is such disrespect for teacher to use a mobile phone during classes because it is time to study and not the time to play.

Another point I want to raise in this Thesis Writing Service topic is that using a mobile phone during classes is a burden in absorbing the lesson. When students are occupied with their own chat session in the mobile phone, where is learning? Mobile phones during classes make a student poor in his studies because he devotes more of his concentration in this mobile phone than in his studies.

Moreover, mobiles phones are also making the classroom not a learning place, but a place to connect with friends even during classes. School is a learning ground for students that they should be studying their lessons and not chatting or talking with their friends in their mobile phones. Students should not be listening to music or playing games in their mobile phones during classes. In this Thesis Writing Service topic, I want to imply that mobile phones during classes are never a good thing.

If a student uses his mobile phone during classes, how can he absorb his lesson? How can he better comprehend it? Can he show respect for his teacher if he uses his phone while she explains the lesson? Where is learning if a student does two things at the same time, listening to his teacher partially and using his mobile phone? These are some questions I want to ask you in this Thesis Writing Service topic.

In this Thesis Writing Service topic, it is wrong to use a mobile phone during classes because a student will not learn his lesson well. He will prove to be disrespectful of his teacher. And using his mobile phone during classes gets him poor school grades.

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