Sample Essay On What is more important

Interesting job or the one for money?

When we graduate from school, we start looking for a job, and in this Thesis Writing Service topic, we are going to choose if the job that earns us more money is more important or the job that lets us enhance our talents and skills. It is never easy to choose between the two because we might as well wish that both of the categories fit in one job.

Choosing between the high-earning job the you do not enjoy and the low-paying job that makes you interested and passionate is hard to decide from. In this Thesis Writing Service topic, we discuss which one is really more important.

If you decide to go for the high-paying job is what many would prefer because who wouldn’t like to earn as mush money that we want. With a lot of money, we can go anywhere we want because we have all the money to spend when we go for a vacation. If we have a lot of money, we can buy everything we desire because we got a lot to spend.

If we choose the job we are interested in but don’t earn us the money we desire, we can enhance our talents and skills but we do not have much money to spend. But if we go for this option, as discussed in this Thesis Writing Service topic, we develop our passion for the area we have chosen as our career.

Between the two, the choice is easy for me. And as reply to this Thesis Writing Service topic, I would choose the job that interests me. In that way, I can further improve my knowledge in doing the job I want in life. Working in a job where you can put your heart into is important because time is gold. Even though we do not earn much money in this interesting job, we can become better individuals since we can focus in the job we always dreamed of.

Working in an interesting job is more fulfilling, and it is the job we can be proud of because our accomplishment in this job is what we always wanted. For this Thesis Writing Service topic, it is my obvious answer.

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