Main Aspects of the Evidence Based Technical Analysis

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Just What Is Analysis of Evidence?

Analysis of evidence is a writing technique which helps students to put together meaningful paragraphs and even larger essays. Not everyone knows how to structure a paragraph so that it makes sense and is logical but the behavioral evidence analysis technique would assist you to ensure your paragraphs would make sense and contribute to your overall essay. The technique could also be applied to the essay as a whole. While it may be a simple idea it is not always a technique which students could easily comprehend and follow. Many students have issues with structuring their essay paragraphs in the manner and need some professionals support with the issue.

How Does It Work?

It simple technique helps you to break down your paragraph into three distinct parts and provides it with a logical progression. The following are the different steps which you should cover:

  • Point
It is as the name suggests the point your paragraph should be making. It should be your argument of thesis and should be your leading statement which lets the reader know what your paragraph is going to be about. So if you were writing about the slave trade between Africa and the US your point could be that “Many of the slaves that were captured in Africa and transported to America would fail to complete the journey alive.”
  • Confirmation
How could you back up your initial statement or argument? What do you have to support? It could be one or two-sentence or even additional paragraphs if you require to provide a lot of evidence based technical analysis to support your original argument. Each should clearly contain a piece of literary or other confirmation which is in support of your initial argument. So for the evidence based analysis example above it could from ship logs or other documented information which clearly shows the mortality rate of slaves being transported.
  • Study
It is where many students fall down with this technique. Your analysis evidence is what you are drawing from the documentation and how it supports the original point. It is not the restatement of the evidence and analysis or the introduction of another piece of the work. So in you could refer to the treatment, storage feeding of the captives causing the high levels of mortality.

There are a few alternatives to PEA but they all follow a similar idea. These are:

  •  P.E.E – Point Evidence Explain
  •  P.E.E – Point Evidence Evaluate
  •  P.E.A.L – Point Evidence Analysis Link

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