Sample Admission Essay on the Movie and Its Influence

Tell us how a particular book, play, film, piece of music, dance performance, scientific theory or experiment or work of art has influenced you. If you choose a novel, film or play, assume we know the plot.

“The Shawshank Redemption” is the movie which has always inspired me and provided me with all the motivation that I need to stay positive and excel in my life. Lead characters in this movie are Andy (performed by Tim Robbins) and Red (performed by Morgan Freeman). Basic source of inspiration for me in this movie is the plot, which I think is totally flawless. Plot revolves around two characters in the jail. Andy who has seen the worst but still is hopeful and Red who has got “institutionalized” due to respect that he has earned in the jail by being sharp, but is fearful.

Many movies have inspired me but the feel of redemption and hope that I got from this movie is indescribable. Continuous battle between hope and fear haunts me the most. Specially the scene when Andy posts letters to town authorities for opening up a library in the jail. At first, authorities didn’t take much notice of his letters but he kept on writing two letters a day for five years and finally he succeeded in getting funds for the library. Another part of the movie which really inspired me was when Andy started teaching a new inmate reading and writing. I remember the night when I saw this movie first time. I was sad and totally frustrated at that time. In the beginning, some scenes showing tortures in the jail disturbed me but I kept on watching the movie as the personality of Tim Robbins impressed me. The movie reached its climax when Andy was about to escape from the jail. The suspense and the drama were totally jaw-dropping for me. I had never seen any movie with such enthusiasm. When Andy escapes and comes out of the drain, takes off his shirt and raises his hands in the feeling of redemption, I was stunned. I said to myself “This is it. This is the inspiration I had been looking for many years”. Last scene of the movie is the best scene of the movie where Red who was fearful in the beginning becomes hopeful with joy and feeling of friendship. Movie is full of adventure, drama, surprises and most of all suspense.

“Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free” is the tagline of the movie. This line has always inspired me and freed me from all kinds of fears. Every time I watch it I feel a new warmth and hope. I think there are two kinds of people in this world, ones who are hopeful (Andy)and strive and others who get satisfied easily and don’t try much as the fear of something new always stops them from taking the leap(Red).  I would recommend this movie to everyone specially those who are frustrated and fearful. The “Shawshank Redemption” is the movie that will capture your imagination and inspire you so much that you’ll always be hopeful no matter what life throws at you.

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