Admission Sample Essay

Tell Us about the Biggest Mistake You've Ever Made or Heard Of

When I look into my past, there are many mistakes which come to my mind one by one. Starting from my early childhood to teenage years and up till now. Fighting with my siblings, not doing homework, misbehavior with classmates and many more activities. No one is perfect and mistakes are a part of everyone’s life. Without making mistakes we cannot learn anything, we cannot gain experience.

Among of all my mistakes, the biggest mistake which affected my personality and career took place in 8th grade. I still remember those days. It was a time of my midterm exams. I had the exam of mathematics on Tuesday. And I mistakenly read it as Thursday. Consequently, I missed my exam on Tuesday and I when it came to my notice that I had missed my mathematics exam, I was extremely shocked.

One of my classmates told me right after finishing the exam that “why didn’t you come for the exam?” It was then I checked my date sheet and started crying madly. Everyone in my home gathered around me and I was bumped with many questions. My mom and dad tried to calm me down. After crying for 4o minutes or so, I sat down and told my family what I had done.

After hearing the entire story my mom hugged me and realized me that it was a mistake and I shouldn’t get so disappointed for it. Everyone sympathized me. They said that you cannot undo what is already done. I told them that I don’t know how I got into such a big illusion to read Tuesday as Thursday. Maybe it was due to my carelessness.

Afterwards, my parents visited my school to check if there was any possibility to take an exam on Tuesday. They spoke with my mathematics teacher, school headmaster and even to the school principal. But all their efforts went in vain. I missed the exam and I missed it totally.

Anyhow, I was able to correct the situation with the mathematics during finals and got promoted. But after this mishap, I have a habit to recheck or review my date sheet every night before going to bed. Even if I remember it, I don’t forget to recheck it in the night. I am not from those who do not learn from their mistakes. I have the habit to accept my mistakes with an open heart and to learn from them and never repeat them again.

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