A Sample Essay on the Topic

What Does Your Motherland Mean to You?

Your motherland is your native place where you spring and become a productive individual. It is through your motherland that you accomplished what you desire in life. This essay topic wants to discuss how your native land helps you achieve your goals.

What are your main goals in life? Maybe you are looking forward to having a stable career in your country. This will help you become a more productive individual for your country. How do you become productive? Your motherland helps you study in a reliable learning institution. This learning institution equips you with the right knowledge to use in your life for your future.

Once accomplished in school, you then search your way to find a great job in your motherland, and that is what I want to imply in this essay topic. Your job makes you a productive individual for your native land because it is through your taxes and share to the economy that makes your motherland more successful among other countries.

Your productivity works for your motherland because it is through your productivity that makes a more successful country. But, what does your motherland means to you, as question of this essay topic?

Before you become the individual you want to be, your motherland provides you with plenty of opportunities to learn as person and use this skills learned in school for your future job. Motherland is not only a place where you can blossom from childhood to your adult years. Your country is more than a place to live and grow. It is a venue where you can utilize your talents and skills to have a better life for yourself and your family.

Your native land is more than a place where you were born, grow, and become successful, but it is your shaping ground to become the person you desire to be. As a successful and productive person you want to be, you become more reliable for the success of your native land. Having said that, motherland is more than a place but as a training ground necessary for a person’s success.

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