1.  Where do you get your thesis writers from?

The writers preparing a thesis for you are staffed by our onsite employees. We remain in permanent search for qualified professionals capable of generating qualitative and on-time research and who can then write top-shelf academic papers. All of our writers hold advanced degrees. Most of them work for us on a part-time remote basis — which is often the case for experts in rare and complex subjects. This job is a source for valuable income for our writers on one hand, and holds the satisfaction of conducting new research within the areas they work with daily on their primary job on the other hand.

2. Am I allowed to communicate with the writer who does a thesis for me? How?

Yes, we actually expect you to do so. Indeed, you should take caution at any service that claims to be of ‘academic assistance’ yet prohibits communication with the writer paid by you! Here at Thesis Writing Service such communication is a part of the project process. Without it, without getting as much information from you as possible, we won’t be able to fully utilize writer’s talent to address your needs. You can always use support email to communicate with your writer. On our side we simply monitor the communication to match our standards and pass all the comments to you or your writer in a timely manner.

3. What if I am not happy with the work?

It is possible. Perhaps the task you gave is too abstract for the writer, and we have no opportunity to clarify it with you by immediate call (let’s say it is too late in your area). Or, equally improbable yet possible, you realize that the thesis we’ve created will not serve your needs. Your wish – supported by an honest reason – is enough for you to ask for your money back and have that request honored. You will either receive a full refund or you can agree to keep the deposit on your account with us towards any future service. Both options are fine with us – we will not charge you for something that you ultimately won’t use. Indeed, we want to make sure that the money you’ve spent is a worthwhile investment, and keep you as our loyal customer for future projects. A full refund is guaranteed for any kind of essay or paper you’ve paid for through our service.

4. Is there any way you can be late with my thesis order? How strict do you treat the deadline I set?

With respect to lateness, it almost never happens. But in that rare case, let’s visit that scenario. The reasons might be different – act of God at the writer’s end. We had 2 cases last year – one was late by 17 minutes for a 12 hour turnaround order due to internet connection issues at home and the other was a 16 page paper with a 24 hour turnaround. It was only ready in draft form by the deadline, with the final version completed 3 hours after the actual deadline for the assigned thesis. There is also the rare occurrence of hosting provider technical issues (in 2011 to date, it has not happened) or something abnormal elsewhere. What happens in such cases? First – you are notified about the delay the moment we learn about it or even suspect a problem. Second – you have perfect right to terminate the execution and get as much of a paper that is ready at that moment. Third – you may opt for a refund and you will get a full one under the condition that you won’t use the paper or paper draft. Fourth – you are guaranteed to be given a partial refund or discount for your next order even if you understand the reasons for the short delay of your order delivery. Here at our office, there are 3 major types of customer dissatisfaction that we treat very seriously: plagiarism (which is the deadliest sin for us), writer’s lateness and poor quality of a paper. Be sure we are concerned about these even more than you are because that’s the very core of our business. Succinctly, we can never succeed unless we strive to minimize and eliminate such gaffs.

5. Comparing to other thesis writing services, how are you different?

In terms of the website or process description – not much, even prices will look similar. The difference is the long term relationships we cultivate with our customers. We treat them as partners treat each other – simply because that’s what it really is for us, a partnership. Ask any of our employees, what would be their preference, a zero profit successful order or a failure that brings the company an immediate short-term gain of $300 – everyone will choose the first option. We appreciate your trust and we want reciprocate by giving you the thesis you expect to get for the money you spend.

6. I have used another thesis help service before. I was not totally satisfied with how they worked, but at least I got something out of the transaction. Why should I try your thesis writers?

You lose nothing by giving us a shot to prove ourselves. Worst case scenario – you get your money back. A better and more realistic outcome – you like us more than you liked them. We meet all of your needs.

7. Your writer made an excellent thesis proposal.  For placing the thesis order itself, I expect a discount. How do I get one?

Yes. Ask for one every time you deal with us. It’s not unlike when you travel and all seats are taken, will there not be two passengers on-board who paid a different value for their tickets? Same rule applies here – ask for a discount every time you work with us or talk to any of employees. You will get one.

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