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If you need help writing a research proposal, you’ve come to the right place. We offer the best service to assist you to come up with a tough process of drafting as well as with the topics. Many students often need professional and trusted assistance for their degrees and many come up with some great project topics for their field. Some popular and major subjects include cybersecurity and climate change. However, even though these are creative topics, many students struggle with having to study and write about them.

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The Main Format Parts

Professional help with research proposal which we provide is very detailed, so writers pay attention to a specific structure which needs to be closely followed. The structure would look like:

  • Title. It should be concise and clear and reflect the main problem of your investigation.
  • Abstract.  A short review of your paper.
  • Introduction. Identify a general subject area of investigation.
  • Problem. It should be specific, relevant to the times and fill a study gap.
  • The significance. Identify reasons for doing the work and define the contributions of your analysis findings.
  • Methodology. It generally includes such sections: design, respondents, characteristics of the proposed sample, data collection instrumentation and data analysis.
  • Time schedule. It presents the schedule of activities of the research.
  • References.

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