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Coming up with the best topic is one of the most challenging parts of your research given that this plays a crucial part in the success of your study. There are many things you can do to ensure your PhD thesis will be relevant and of top-notch. The first thing is you should brainstorm for ideas; think of the most essential areas in economics and focus on unexplored sections as this would help you create an original topic. Choose also some more titles which will enable you to effectively read and understand the literature. Another thing you should take into consideration would be the availability of resources especially you’d be using various data in order to establish your PhD thesis writing.

Sample of Top 10 Best Topics

Always make sure your thesis PhD is manageable and that materials are available in order for you to save a great deal of time. To assist you in ensuring the quality, you should list keywords; this will allow you to come up with innovative and unique topics. Here are the top 10 best samples:

  • The role of local culture in promoting regional innovation networks.
  • Are trust and power any different in local productive systems?
  • How does the culture mix impact on the organization of firms in the UK?
  • The evolution of consumption in the UK over the last 10 years: Trends in consumer behavior.
  • Conditions for the existence of a knowledge firm. Facilitators of knowledge creation within the firm.
  • Economic growth and unemployment: Is there a relationship in India?
  • The effects of minimum wages on British employment.
  • Regional institutions and development: How to search for a link?
  • The contribution of solid entrepreneurial networks for regional development.
  • Economic growth and productivity. The UK in the century transition.

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