List of Islamic Finance Research Topics

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When writing a PhD in Islamic banking and finance or any research paper, one of the main considerations would be the quality of your topic. It is important that you can brainstorm several strong Islamic finance research topics before narrowing which one is perfect for you. For students who find it challenging to choose the right topic, we have professional writers that can assist you.

Our writers can give you the best list of Islamic finance research topics; this will help you effectively choose the ones that you are interested and you might think would lure in the interest of your audience.

Top 10 Islamic finance research topics:

  • The Latest on Islamic Banking
  • Financial Instruments
  • Fund Sources of Islamic Banks
  • Customer Deposit Comparison Between Conventional and Islamic Banks
  • Study on The  Interbank Transaction Of Islamic Banks – Proposals and Current System
  • Islamic Bank: Interbank Borrowing among Them
  • Islamic Bank: Profit and Loss Sharing Tools
  • Function Comparison of Conventional And Islamic Banks
  • How the Islamic Ban Banks Cooperate with Central Banks
  • How Islamic Banks Cooperate in International Trade

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Top 10 Islamic Finance Research Topics

The Islamic finance academic study can be conducted in an ideal manner once you end up in choosing best titles for it.

Here are some suggested topics to guide you well:

  • Role of women in Islamic banking
  • Can Islamic banks ever be Islamic?
  • Can Murabaha ever be truly financed Islamic contract?
  • Finding global database for Islamic banks
  • Database for Islamic bank financial data
  • Using Panel data and regression
  • Effect of GFC on Islamic financial institutions
  • Employees satisfaction and modeling factors
  • Evaluating efficiency and performance of financial institutions
  • Traditional banking Vs Islamic banking

islamic finance paper writing tips

Write a Triumphant Islamic Finance Research Paper

There are mixed reviews about concept Islamic banking and financial institution across the globe. Research papers on Islamic Finance and Islamic banking research proposal show such concepts in a better way. Many of the conducted studies have made it clear in the appropriate manner.

Here are few tips to execute your Islamic finance paper in an excellent way:

  • Gather the most relevant and recent data for conducting your paper.
  • Never write in the first person. The research papers are always written in the third person.
  • Find the results by using the most relevant tool for your study.
  • Avoid messing up the paper by adding fact-based and numeric data with no consistent limit.

Thesis on Islamic banking and finance pdf should always be written by paying full attention and keeping such tips in the mind. Secondly, keep reading the related published studies for improving your thesis writing skills.

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