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Why Do People Lie to Each Other?

Liars are all around us because no one is free from this sin, and that is what I want to say in this Thesis Writing Service topic. As we go on with our lives, we encounter liars around us. They are in the subway, bus station, beach resorts, cafes, and all places. People lie due to some reasons and one of them is because they want to be saved from another person’s fury.

In a relationship, as I want to use in this Thesis Writing Service subject, people fight because of lying. For instance, your boyfriend cheated on you. How would you feel? Of course, you would flare up as most women do. But if you don’t know about his cheating, would you? Simply some men lie because they want to keep the relationship alive even though they are falling in love with another woman. Now, that is too selfish.

Selfish people, as I want to share in this Thesis Writing Service subject, want themselves always safe from trouble even though they are hurting another person’s feelings. If your boyfriend cheats and you are unaware of it, would you get mad? In this way, a selfish person becomes free from his girlfriend’s fury. Not only that, but he can also keep the relationship even though he is taking tow women at a time.

This is one concrete example that I want to share with you in this Thesis Writing Service subject. In a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, lying occurs when one of the parties falls in love or flirts with another person. When this happens, lying takes place as the cheating person wants to keep both affairs. Since someone doesn’t want to lose any of the two persons, he starts creating stories to cover the truth.

People lie for their own welfare, and that is what I want to say in this Thesis Writing Service subject. If they are protecting themselves from someone’s fury, they keep on making up stories just to make another person contented with the relationship. For a relationship full of lies, there would not be forever because a liar cannot keep one or both of the relationship when the other party discovered the truth.

Due to selfishness, people lie to each other, and that is my conclusion in this Thesis Writing Service topic. Who knows? The other person in the relationship might also is a liar. No one knows that because a liar can make up stories to protect his own welfare.

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